1. How do I get started?

  1. In order to sign up for a course you need to first create your profile

  2. Choose the course you want to purchase

  3. Buy it and it will automatically appear in your profile

  4. Enjoy it at your convenience

  1. Can I watch the content from my phone?

Yes, we designed our courses to be streamable from any device such as smartphones, laptop computers, tablets, etc.

  1. Can I get a preview of video content? 

Yes, we wanted you to have the opportunity to have an insight of what the course is about. That’s why our 0.Introduction section is free.

  1. Can I download the videos?

The Art Oddity does not give consent to download any content from our domain. The artist and the community involved had put in a lot of effort into this project. We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action. 

  1. Do you offer refunds on the videos? 

We do not offer refunds once you watch and purchase any of the courses.